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OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS, evidence has been uncovered regarding numerous crimes committed by Bank of America N.A., its affiliates and co-conspirators, against more than sixty-million home owners in the United States, amounting to losses and damages in the Trillions of Dollars.

Bank of America and its co-conspirators are being aided and abetted by our court system, judges, clerks, elected officials, notaries public, mortgage companies and escrow and title companies throughout the United States.

There exists a list of California judges, clerks and elected officials that are responsible for many of the cases being dismissed. The organized crime happening in our courts, among numerous judges, clerks and other court officers can exist only with the support of elected officials protecting the biggest criminals of this or any other century, namely Bank of America and its co-conspirators.

The criminal violations of Bank of America and its co-conspirators have impacted more than 70% of the U.S. population, destroyed millions of families, and continue to victimize more families every year, devastating the lives of so many hard-working Americans.

The concept of “SIGNIFICANCE” rises to the top of consciousness of every concerned American. At what point do events in the real estate, judicial and financial sectors of our existence, economy and well-being become significant enough to necessitate corrective action by state and federal agencies and the state and the federal judiciary?

Bank of America’s acts of omission and commission constitute violations of law. Bank of America’s criminal acts continue without any viable justice for the millions of victims of these crimes. There has been little if any restitution and reimbursement to the U.S. government for the immense damages perpetrated by Bank of America upon the U.S. economy in general, as well as the real estate market in particular.

Bank of America’s violations of federal and state laws are being overlooked by a legal system that has lost sight of its real purpose, namely to protect Americans from the criminals committing outrageous, financial crimes.

These crimes include, but are not limited to the following:

  • 1. Bank of America Forged signatures on Deeds of Trust which is a Violation of Statutory Penal Code Section 470PC;
  • 2. Signatures of Notaries Public were Robo-signed on Deeds of Trust, which is a violation of Statutory Penal Code Section 470PC.
  • 3. Bank of America knowingly filed for record Deeds of Trust with county recorder’s offices containing forged signatures, which is a violation of California Statutory Penal Code Section 115PC (Procuring or offering false or forged instrument(s) for record).
  • 4. Bank of America filed two or more liens against the same properties, failed to remove liens when the alleged debts were satisfied, and then assigned the same Deeds of Trust to financial institutions. A failure to remove the lien(s) when the debt was satisfied is a violation of Statutory Penal Code Section 532.
  • 5. Bank of America and numerous other financial institutions:

    a.pooled mortgages and trust deeds into allegedly “asset backed”, allegedly “securitized” pools;

    b.represented to purchasers of shares in the respective pools that the pools were adequately asset backed and guaranteed; and

    c. sold shares of stock in the pools to pension funds, retirement funds, private and institutional investors in amounts conservatively estimated in the mega-Billions of Dollars.

To compound matters, Bank of America, their representatives (including but not limited to their attorneys), court clerks and judges routinely deny the rights of borrowers to have their day in court because of procedural matters, without ever hearing the merits of each individual case. Reasonable discovery of the facts would permit litigants to identify and locate the alleged signers of documents and determine the nature and extent of their authority and involvement in the actual matter.

Judges are not allowing the cases to go to trial. The evidence will show that numerous judges intentionally mis-state facts and fail to follow case law and/or statutory law in an effort to dismiss cases and clear their dockets of the thousands of cases already filed.

Material issues of fact are overlooked so as to enable judges to grant procedural motions for demurrers or motions for summary judgment which result in cases being dismissed before plaintiffs are able to conduct reasonable discovery.

Judges allow the submission of robo-signed declarations allegedly signed by officers of certain entities without any way of establishing the signer’s authority to sign the subject declarations.

Many more cases are being initiated by borrowers/plaintiffs seeking redress in the courts. Unfortunately, those cases are meeting with the same stone-walling, obstructionist tactics which have been used on similar cases already initiated.

California Courts of Appeal are rubber stamping rulings of the lower courts; and the California Supreme Court, without comment, routinely refuses to review findings of the lower courts.

Clerks of the lower courts sabotage the appellate process by failing and then refusing to comply with the procedural rules of court by not transmitting the proper documentation to the respective Court of Appeal. When borrowers/plaintiffs file applications with the court to apply sanctions against court clerks for failing to cure the default(s), Court of Appeal judges deny the imposition of sanctions without the default(s) being cured.

Courts of Appeal then decide to dismiss cases because the court had little documentation or insufficient documentation to review the cases and, as a result, rule that their only recourse is to dismiss the cases.

Courts of Appeal judges mis-state procedural events by declaring that certain documents filed by borrowers were not filed within the allotted time, in spite of the fact that the documents are clearly “file stamped” and “date stamped” in compliance with local and state procedural rules of civil procedure. The Courts of Appeal overlook or refuse to correct their mistakes so as to enable the courts to dismiss cases and clear their dockets.

The Courts of Appeal mis-state facts and then base their decision on the misstated facts. For example, simple things, such as: did Plaintiff argue that the signature on the Deed of Trust was not that of the Plaintiff, and, therefore was a forgery?

Numerous applications are made to the California Supreme Court to review decisions of the various Courts of appeal. The legal basis for such applications necessarily must include justification that the appeal to the California Supreme Court would:

  • 1. Secure uniformity of decisions among California courts, and
  • 2. Significantly impact the citizens of California.
  • Apparently, the loss of Trillions of Dollars and the hardships imposed upon millions of Californians are not significant enough to justify the California Supreme Court to enter the battle against Bank of America and its co-conspirators.

    Bank of America has paid multi-Billions of Dollars in fines and penalties (read “for protection from prosecution”). Because of the fines and penalties paid, only a few mid-level executives of banks and various financial companies have been brought to justice.

    The constitution of California and the United States constitution impose a duty on every Californian and every American to protect our nation’s citizens and to expose the crimes committed by numerous financial institutions, including, but not limited to Bank of America and its co-conspirators, their representatives, judges, court clerks and elected officials.

    The criminal enterprise is bigger than any corruption ever to have occurred in the history of the United States. It’s exponentially larger than the corruption in Brazil and Columbia combined, which has made a massive financial impact on their respective economies, similar to the economic toll being exacted against the population of the United States.

    The scheme designed by Bank of America, its co-conspirators and the corrupt judges, clerks and elected officials has destroyed and will continue to adversely impact millions of families and businesses right here in America. Unfortunately, the impact of these crimes on the U.S. economy will be felt for generations to come.

    The organized crimes committed by Bank of America and its co-conspirators and the corrupt courts, judges, clerks, elected officials and others is a matter that affects us all and needs to be addressed immediately if we are to survive the stranglehold Bank of America and its criminal co-conspirators have on our country.

    America needs a “Call to Action” from its citizens now more than ever! Financial institutions, bank officers, judges and elected officials need to know that when they do not abide by the law and, for their own corrupt benefit, take advantage of Americans, those corrupt officials deserve to be dismissed from their positions of responsibility and trust without pay and without pension benefits.

    Without you and your support to spread the word, bankers, mortgage companies, real estate brokers, judges, clerks and elected officials that abuse the law and the judicial system for their own reprehensible profit, will continue their corrupt ways until we as a nation stand up to fight them.

    Help us rid America of the many criminals that dictate policy! Give us your valuable support and let Your Voice Be Heard!

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    Thank you for supporting this important battle to take back what is rightfully owed to the citizens of this country!

    Americans organized to Save USA

    People v. Bank of America, “MERS” and Quality Loan Service Corp.

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    Please join millions of Americans and share this Letter and YouTube Video with all of your social media friends, family, associates and other interested Americans that want to take back their country.

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